Info about Black Powder

  • Black Powder is highly flammable and explosive and must be stored in such a way to avoid exposure to friction, heat, impact, sparks or open flame.
  • Please consult all local, state and national authorities, police and/or health and safety executive authorities in your area regarding local laws and regulations applicable for the possession, storage and use of Black Powder before using or contemplating the use of Goex, KIK, Swiss or Schuetzen Black Powder or any other black powder product.
  • Federal law limits possession to 50 pounds, in any one household. Most state, county, and city ordinances and fire codes comply with Federal law.
  • You may not engage in the business of stocking and reselling black powder, unless you have a Federal Explosives License, available from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.
  • Powder is shipped via FedEx and UPS ground. ¬†Someone must sign for the powder when delivered.
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