Cylinder Loader #2

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  • This loader is supplied with four cylinder pins. The smallest pin is for the 31 caliber Uberti. The next size up is for Ruger and the Remington revolvers, the next to the largest pin is for the Colt revolvers, and the largest is for the Walker, Dragoons and Pepperbox

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2 reviews for Cylinder Loader #2

  1. Dennis Skurnack

    I purchased this loader about 2 years ago. I am extremely happy with it. It is rugged and well built. —- However, there is one issue: I have carpel tunnel and arthritis making the ball handle painful to use. However, the shaft thread is the same thread as beer tapper handle threads. I went to and ordered a 6″ plain metal handle. This adds leverage and makes loading much easier.

  2. Curis Rich (Captain George Baylor, SASS 24287)

    I have had Powder Inc. Cylinder loaders since the first model. They have made shooting Frontiersman in SASS much easier. You don’t have much time between stages to load. It also adds flexibility, Ruger Old Armies, for example, require full charge loads (oor filler or wads) because the standard ram only compresses just below the lip of the cylinder. These add flexibility. They are covered extensively in “Captain Baylor’s Big, Bad, Book on Cowboy Action Shooting.”

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